Phoenix Washer and Dryer Repair

Phoenix Washer and Dryer Repair - TS Scottsdale Appliance Repair Clinic

Phoenix Washer and Dryer Repair

There are many truths in this world.

One of them is that any machine with moving parts is destined to break down at some point.

Unfortunately, the appliances we have around our home tend to do that at the worst possible times.

At TS Scottsdale Appliance Repair, household appliances and especially washers and dryers can be fixed quickly at low, competitive rates so they put a minimal crimp on your budget while getting them back in service when they are needed.


Scottsdale Washer Repair

Your washing machine is a complex piece of machinery in terms of the number of things that can break down. Most of the time, the problem will not show itself until you need to get that load of laundry washed. Signs of breakdown can be subtle and easily overlooked if they occur.

Washing Machine Will Not Spin:

This could indicate a number of issues from the belt slipping to the motor being in need of repair. In order to fix washer properly, you need the professionals at TS Scottsdale Appliance Repair Clinic. The cost of the repair will naturally depend on the extent of the service needed. A simple belt repair can fix washer so it is working properly with only a modest cost to you.

A more complicated motor repair can be more expensive, but the professional service tech will inform you fully of what is needed and estimate how much it will cost. This way, you can decide to go ahead with the repair or perhaps purchase a new washing appliance depending on your needs. With Scottsdale Washing Machine Repair Service, we provide customers with all the information needed to make the best informed decision.

Scottsdale Dryer Repair

Like the washer, the dryer is a complex mechanical device as well combining a rotating drum, heater and blower units that dry the clothes thoroughly and quickly. With the dryer not working, the clothes have to go out on the line, assuming it’s a warm day outside. The convenience of a clothes dryer is such that having it your  dryer not working puts a real damper on your family dynamic. Imagine not having the ability to smell freshly tumble dried clothing. No more snuggling up in your favourite shirt.

Dryer Not Spinning:

Again, this could be the belt or something wrong with the motor. Belt slippage is more common and can be easily fixed while the motor itself is more complex.

Electric Dryer Not Heating:

This is another common occurrence with dryers as the motor that controls the heat has failed and will generally need to be fixed or replaced.

In either case, calling the professionals at TS Scottsdale Appliance Repair Clinic to set an appointment will have a professional technician at your doorstep. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and training to locate and fix the issue with your dryer quickly and efficiently.

Plus, our repairs cover more than washers and dryers, they apply to many appliances you use around the house including dishwashers, ovens, stoves and refrigerators. TS Scottsdale Appliance Repair Clinic has what you need to get your appliances up and running again. Call our friendly, courteous staff and see why we are the best in the region.