Craigslist: to buy or not to buy

When I started buying on Craigslist, I had to get past the stigma of buying things used. Friends would laugh when they learned that I’d purchased certain items secondhand instead of new. I went from being embarrassed of my finds to proud of them, like a fisherman showing off his prized catch. Saving a huge percentage off the new price for an item that you need is a victory. I hate overpaying for anything.

Buying white appliances on craigslist is the way to go. They are far more common than black or stainless steel, and thus much less expensive. If one of your appliances goes out, you’ll be able to find an exact replacement much quicker and cheaper if the appliance is white. People are constantly getting rid of their really nice white appliances to “upgrade” to stainless steel.

Don’t just look for items to buy, but look at the people and situations you are buying from.  They tend to reveal all you will need to know about an item when you are trying to decide whether to purchase or not. Purchase the items at the person’s house.  Does the house match the item?  Do they have a family?  A dog, some kids?  The more normal they seem to be the less likely it’s a criminal trying to sell fake goods.  In general, someone selling fake goods isn’t going to want everyone to know where they live.  If they won’t allow you to come to their house, and you kind of get a weird feeling about it, trust your gut and walk away.

Don’t be shy and ask questions. Once you set on the price and ready to haul it away, ask if there are any issues known to seller with this item. It always OK to back out and loose your time and gas vs. getting other peoples’ problem.

Craigslist users are doctors, teachers, coaches, business owners, students and simply neighbors. In other words, people just like you. They’re the people that live in your community. Use common sense. Buy appliances from the type of person you’d have wanted to own the appliance before you. Did they take care of it? Keep it clean? Do your research on good brands. Make sure you can test it out before you buy it. Check the seals to make sure they’re tight. Look for missing broken parts. If that’s not possible, ask if you can bring it back that day if something doesn’t work right.

So, the answer to the question would be: Yes, use the Craigslist and enjoy the benefits of getting a quality appliance for the fraction of the price.